TRIOS® Scanner

Look forward to a comfortable and fast treatment

The old, traditional way – silicone impression

The dentist fills your mouth with a gooey substance and asks you to bite down, forming an impression of your teeth.  Then you must remain still, while breathing through your nose, and wait until it hardens.  The impression is sent to the lab by post or courier.

The new TRIOS® way – digital impression

Dentist using a TRIOS® scanner on a patient in dental chairOur dentists, Dr. Sihoe, can smoothly glide the scanner over your teeth, rapidly creating an accurate impression digitally in 3D. The results are immediately sent to the lab over the internet.

The advantages are hard to ignore…

Simply a better way…

  1. It’s quick – fewer retakes and appointments
  2. It’s comfortable – no gooey substance in your mouth
  3. It’s convenient – your new dental crown can be ready faster
  4. It’s accurate – excellent crown fit and look

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